The Point After

Weekly NFL predictions, challenges, and heated arguments about all things pro football with three guys who don't know anything. Hosts Kyle Maurer, Ian Dewitt, and Marshall Hesslau, all of Jackson, Michigan, get together every week ...more

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December 05, 2023 01:01:13
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Wk 13: Kyle vs G...coming soon

Question of the Day: College Football Chatter   Mailbag - Erik Giannunzio, Adam Silver, Tim DeWitt, Addison DeWitt   Kyle’s Moderately Interesting Segment Ian's Blind Ranking...



November 28, 2023 00:43:01
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Wk 12: Was the chicken dead or alive?

Question of the Day: Top 9 Albums   Mailbag - Erik Giannunzio, Ryan Gates, Justin Mattson, Elliott Osoteo, Jamie Hesslau, Tim DeWitt, Ian DeWitt, Addison...



November 21, 2023 01:12:17
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Wk 11: WARNING Marshall Yells Really Loudly

Question of the Day: Thanksgiving food hot takes   Biggest News   Hot Takes/Questions: Jamie Hesslau, Dan Brooks & Erik Giannunzio   Kyle’s Moderately Interesting Segment   Marshall’s...



November 14, 2023 01:07:59
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Wk 10: Andy Reid Looks Like He's Forklift Certified

Question of the Day: VERSUS MASHUP Biggest News Hot Takes/Questions: Adam Silver, Justin Mattson, Tim DeWitt, Dan Brooks & Erik Giannunzio Kyle’s Moderately Interesting...



November 07, 2023 01:06:59
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Wk 9: Josh Dobbs is a free elf

Question of the Day: Perfect breakfast AND Most nostalgic game played as a kid?   Biggest News   Hot Takes/Questions: Justin Mattson, Jamie Hesslau,  Dan Brooks...



October 31, 2023 00:55:30
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Wk 8: I feel bad for Kirk...

Question of the Day: What is your favorite TED Talk?   Biggest News   Hot Takes/Questions: Nitesh Mistry, Addison DeWitt, Tim DeWitt, Doug Blume, Jamie Hesslau,  ...