Wk 16: Kyle FINALLY Talks Packers

Episode 39 December 27, 2022 01:26:23
Wk 16: Kyle FINALLY Talks Packers
The Point After
Wk 16: Kyle FINALLY Talks Packers

Dec 27 2022 | 01:26:23


Show Notes

Question of the Day: Favorite gift you got and gave this year?

Biggest News: Dallas Holds Off Philly, Pack are Back, Kyle loves the Texans and Baker.

Hot Takes/Twitter Prompts: Tommy Hesslau, Elliott Osoteo, Jamie Hesslau, Micah Sall, Dan Brooks, Justin Mattson, Pat McKee, Tom Hesslau

Christmas Wishes - Lions to win out, Jaguars to win a game in the playoffs, Brady to miss playoffs and retire.


Kyle’s Fantasy Update

Must Watch Game of the Week: CIN v BUF

Lock of the Week

Marshall - KC over DEN

Kyle - PHI over NO

Ian - DAL over TEN

Upset of the Week

Marshall - CIN over BUF

Kyle - MIA over NE

Ian - CAR over TB

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